Wedding Reception IdeasMy friends and family are my heart. It brings me much joy to cook and bake and host dinner parties to spend time with those I love. There’s something inviting about the funny conversations during a meal, and the memories that are created.

Often times, you won’t plate each meal when having a family gathering at home. Think of the holiday! Recreate that same ambiance with a family style dinner reception. It’s a great way to combine a plated and buffet dinner approach while guests remain seated (unless they’re dancing of course!).

Food is a great way to spark interesting conversations amongst your guests and get them to mingle. Each entrée is delivered to every table by select catering staff to create a fine dining experience for your family and friends. One head server will describe each dish, the ingredients it contains and how it was especially selected by you, for their enjoyment.

Wedding Reception Chiavari ChairsFamily style dinner receptions are a wonderful way to present more than one entrée. It’s also a less alienating experience for guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions. They will know what they’re able to eat without having to ask if it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, contains nuts, etc.

Ask your wedding caterer about having your own family style dinner reception. Click here for more wedding ideas and design concepts.


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