Buffet Dinner At A Wedding ReceptionDuring my fifteen year venture in Corporate America, I had the pleasure of working for a company that valued their employees, treated them like extended family and provided daily lunches in a buffet or family style setting. The CEO would call lunch by yelling “Let’s Eat!” and we‘d all scurry to the break room, grab lunch and gather in the large conference room to enjoy our meal and each other’s company.

Each day, a different restaurant was selected by alternating departments and each employee would excitedly pick something new from the menu. To me, such anticipation and joy resembles the same sentiment couples relish in while creating their carte du jour. Food is exciting, and a tasty opportunity to get your groom engaged in the planning process. Be creative and have fun with your cuisine!

One detail that guests recall about a wedding is the delicious food they enjoyed at your reception. No one likes to be the odd ball out. Dietary restrictions and food allergies are important factors to consider to avoid alienating any guests who may have them. Today’s chefs offer so many variations to traditional menus that are sure to appease the foodies, food critics, picky eaters and vegetarians alike. How you serve dinner can be just as unique.

You’ve probably heard the terms plated dinner, buffet style, food stations and family style dinners while researching catering companies and venues for your upcoming wedding. If you haven’t, that’s ok! We hope that the information you find here helps you make a yummy decision that best suits your wedding style.

A plated dinner reception is one of two traditional dinner options, and a must for a formal wedding. They are also known as a sit down dinner. White glove service raises the bar of elegance while your guests are served at their table.

Food Stations At Wedding ReceptionsBuffet style receptions are another traditional and another classy option. Often times, buffets consists of two entrées, one starch, one vegetable and a salad with dressing. If long lines are your concern, don’t worry. An experienced catering manager will avoid long lines and minimize the amount of time guests have to wait.

Guests will mingle. They will either chat with other guests seated at their table or while waiting to reach the buffet. Guests will also chat while getting a drink at the bar and during the cocktail hour. Some couples elect to have food stations, a more contemporary option and a very fun, interactive one.

Food stations can appease the simplest to most complex pallet. Infuse your wedding cuisine with savory cedar plank smoked salmon, bruschetta, chocolate dipped strawberries and many other decadent foods to provide a true culinary experience for your guests. Mediterranean, Asian, Latin and classic American spreads are delightful too! Providing different cuisines allows your guests to mingle while they circle each different station.

Food stations are absolutely delectable. If you’re looking for a more traditional route, with a mix of cuisines at the dinner table, consider a family style dinner reception. It’s a good mix between a plated and buffet dinner. This style rightfully deserves its name. Think of your family and friends gathering at your dinner table during the holidays and sharing laughter and joy. Let that merriment spill over into your reception. Sweet Reception Treats

Regardless of what you choose, let your reception be a reflection of who you are as a couple. The possibilities are endless! Who doesn’t enjoy a wonderful meal with those we love and cherish?

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